Anonymity: 1 of 7 Oppressive Spirits Plaguing Families of Inmates

Aug 08, 2017

By Roger Hollar

We are beginning a new blog series today called The Seven Oppressive Spirits Plaguing Families of Inmates.

I propose to you that there were seven oppressive spirits present around the arrest, trial, sentencing, and execution of Jesus. These same oppressive spirits stand arrogantly against the families of inmates and prevent them from finding hope and redemption in Christ.

The first of these is the demon prince, Anonymity. We find him in Mark 14:51,52. “Now a certain young man followed Him [Jesus], having a linen cloth thrown around his naked body. The men laid hold of him and he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked.”

It is believed that the young man in this passage was Mark because this verse is found only in the book of Mark. Fact is, he is anonymous to us. For whatever reason he chose to remain unnamed. I suspect that the embarrassment of having left the scene naked made him not anxious for anyone to know his identity.

Such is the plight of families of inmates. The demon prince, Anonymity, presses in on families of inmates like an early morning fog slowly covering them into obscurity. They are embarrassed for anyone to know their naked truth. So this demon prince, Anonymity, prevents hurting families in need of hope and redemption from availing themselves of the ministry of Mercy Heart.

Praying Today in Jesus Name

Covered by the blood of Christ, call out the demon prince, Anonymity. May the bonds of Anonymity be broken. In Jesus name may this powerful stronghold over families of inmates be torn down. May these families be delivered from the kingdom of darkness and redeemed by the Kingdom of Light by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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