Dealing with the Anxiety of a Court Trial

Dec 05, 2016

Recently there was a warrant issued for my arrest. Someone stole my driver license number and used it while being given a ticket. A court date was set, but because I was unaware of it, I did not show up which resulted in the Judge issuing a bench warrant. The process to get this removed was tedious and tiresome, but more than anything else it was scary. Appearing in a courtroom created an unusual amount of anxiety inside of me. While sitting on the hard bench I asked the Lord, “What can you show me in this situation?” He said, “This is just a small taste of how some families feel when they go through the arrest, trial, and sentencing of a loved one.” If you have gone through, or are currently in the legal processing of a loved one, here are 3 things to help deal with your anxiety.

“Be anxious for nothing . . .” (Philippians 4:6).

  1. Pray. Prayer is a two-way conversation between you the Lord. Lay your fearful thoughts and feelings open before God, but be sure to listen for His response. Not unlike when Jesus spoke “Peace” to the storm, when God speaks peace, peace appears. The peace that transcends understanding comes, not because we unloaded our burdens in prayer, but because we heard God speak “peace” in conversation.
  2. Remain united. The word anxious in the Greek means division. When things seem divided, unsure, and scattered we feel all over the place. This is part of the enemy’s plan. Remain united to the Lord and to your family. Decide early on that you are going to stay close to the Lord and do not allow anything to crowd into your relationship with Him or with your family.
  3. Get help. The courtroom has a lot of moving parts and they all seem to move fast. It can become overwhelming without being aware of the legal process or all of the things happening. At the very least, obtain a Public Defender that can help you remain informed about the process so that you can make the best decisions with the best information.

It’s important to remember that God can work in any situation. It may not always be the outcome we wanted, but He really can use all things to bring us closer to Him. What are some other ways you have dealt with the anxiety of going through trial? Comment below.

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