Prisoner Runs Boston Marathon

Jan 30, 2017

Every time I go into a prison unit for a ministry opportunity I am always amazed at the talents and skills I see in the men and women there. I recently came across the story of Keith Giroux, a prisoner who ran the Boston Marathon on a treadmill while being locked up (Read Keith's story HERE). Keith has since been released but his story reminded me of the incredible God-given talents, skills, and gifts that lie behind the wire.

Whenever I see a prisoner's ability to draw, sing, or create it serves as a fingerprint of God. I can see God's stamp in that person's life, even if they cannot see it themselves. It reminds me that God cares about these men and women and I feel a sense of awe, as if somehow I am standing on holy ground.

Perhaps you have attended one of our in-prison events (Legacy Day) and witnessed this for yourself, or maybe you have a family member currently incarcerated who possesses a certain skill or talent. Just remember that God loves these men and women and His arm is never too short to save (Isaiah 59:1).

At Mercy Heart we want to recognize these God-stamps in a person's life. If you have a particular story like this I would love to hear about it. Just comment below and share your story with us.

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