Walking Through Times You Don't Understand: Part 3

Jan 16, 2017

By Roger Hollar

How can the horrible circumstances we face ever come to any good? We may question or reject even the most well-intentioned servant who tries in vain to comfort us. What possible good can come out of incarceration? We may carry on great arguments with the God of the universe trying to impose our opinions on how he should operate.

Again, we’re left with more questions than answers to such conversations. Where do we even start with our communication with God. We may not even know what to say to him. We are struck with the great importance of the words and motivations of our heart in order to sway God. It seems an utter impossibility.

But fear not. God is not broken, intimidated or thwarted by our questions, our motivations or our words offered in prayer. Our loving heavenly Father, who is moved by our hurt, wants us to know that he is walking through these uncharted waters with us.

None other than the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus, the Son of God bring us help and comfort in our time of greatest weakness and vulnerability. Romans 8:26-28 Tells us that when we don’t know where to begin, what to say or do, they do and they pray.

Then the loving heavenly Father looks straight into the face of our sorrowful inquiries and assures us, “…God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them…If God is for us, who can ever be against us? (Rom 8:28,31; Isaiah 41:10).

The Master Weaver sits at his loom and weaves on. Strand after strand. Some are brilliant in color. Some are strangely dull. As we look at the back of the loom all we see are loose ends and a blur of colored thread. But from the side of the Master Weaver every thread has meaning and purpose.

We view life from a side of the loom that often reveals little of the Master Weaver’s plan. Our view is one-dimensional. But one day we will move the other side of the loom and then we will see what Glorious work of art the Father has made of our lives.

Trust all of your questions and prayers to the wonderful Master Weaver who knows well his plan for us.

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